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Vegan Italian Truffle Aperitivo at home - Pack of 6

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It serves 6 people.

Aperitivo is the time when you catch up with friends while sipping a drink and nibbling on appetizers.

It’s after work, it’s before cinema, before dinner, before a party, before a dinner party. Very often it is the dinner party.

Every good aperitivo has something alcoholic to drink. The aperitivos range from a glass of wine to prosecco to vermouth to cocktails (Spritz for example). Beer and some new generation mindful drinks are good too.

The range of the food is gloriously broad, from vegan cheese to myriad bruschettas to fresh veggies, nuts and crisps.

Aperitivos are a casual affair, no one needs to be stuck in the kitchen or behind the bar. No cooking is required. You’re buying food to be mixed and matched.

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Do you know where to start?

These are a few ideas for a quick, tasty, unusual and luxury aperitif at home to amaze your friends and conquer many compliments. 

Vegan cheese

Any kind of cashewbert, camemvert, diary-free cheddar, gondino….

Spread and dips

Stefania Calugi Sauce with Bianchetto truffle, Stefania Calugi Organic truffle hunter's sauce. You can spread them on toasted bread.

Fresh fruits/veggies

Fresh cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, radishes, cucumber, melon, grapes, strawberries, apples.

Salty bites

Very special food you don’t find in supermarkets like Stefania Calugi Cherry tomatoes with truffle, Green olives stuffed with truffle, Whole porcini mushrooms in oil, Tuscan artichokes in oil.

Don’t forget: bread and breadisticks!

Happy hour!



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Vegan Italian Truffle Aperitivo at home - Pack of 6

Vegan Italian Truffle Aperitivo at home - Pack of 6

VAT included