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London Nootropics Grind Coffee

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12 sachets.

Adaptogenic Coffee With Lions Mane mushroom & Rhodiola.

This mushroom coffee blend helps you discover motivation, mental clarity & focus. Great for short & long-term memory, brain fog & reducing procrastination.

Free from preservatives & artificial sweeteners. Just pure natural ingredients.

Read What is Mushroom Coffee in our blog.


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Find Mental Clarity & Focus with Grind

Power through long hours of work, meetings or study with Grind. Great for tackling brain fog & distractions and getting in the zone for reading, writing & creative work. Learn more about Grind’s potential benefits to long term brain health below.


Barista-style coffee, organic dual-extracted lions mane mushroom extract, rhodiola rosea extract, natural flavouring.


Add 1 sachet to a mug of hot water and stir well to dissolve.


What are adaptogens?

Nootropics are brain-boosters: they are known to enhance cognitive performance & improve brain health. They work in many ways to produce a wide range of benefits across memory, focus, motivation, verbal fluency & more.

Many nootropics have adaptogenic properties – helping your mind & body adapt to physical, mental & emotional stressors and find balance.

London Nootropics has  sourced the highest quality natural nootropics from around the world. Their Rhodiola is wildcrafted in the pristine Siberian Altai region and their award-winning Ashwagandha is the highest concentration, most bioavailable full-spectrum root extract on the market today.


Wake up your brain with Lion's Mane

Lion’s Mane is an ancient medicinal mushroom that’s known to help support memory, focus & concentration.

London Nootropics uses an 8:1 fruiting body dual-extract of Lion’s Mane with 21.1% beta-glucans.


Rhodiola Rosea

A powerful adaptogen known for it’s effects on stress levels & brain functioning, London Nootropics Rhodiola extract is wildcrafted in the pristine Altai Mountains in Siberia.

There is strong evidence that this powerful adaptogen has many benefits including helping you to adapt to physical and mental stress, reducing mental fatigue & brain fog and improving memory & cognitive health.

Russian and Scandinavian people have used Rhodiola to treat anxiety, fatigue and depression for centuries. Soviet astronauts were given Rhodiola for its physical & mental benefits when venturing into the unknown.


London Nootropics uses a branded Rhodiola extract called RhodioLife® which is standardized to 3% Rosavins & 1% Salidroside and is sports grade BSCG certified drug-free.


Origin of ‘nootropics’

The term was coined by Corneliu Giurgea in 1972 and stated they should enhance learning & memory, protect the brain and have minimal side effects.


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London Nootropics Grind Coffee

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London Nootropics Grind Coffee

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