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    Biancamore Natural loofah sponge

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    Ideal for those who want to gently exfoliate the skin and prepare it for moisturizing treatments, stimulate microcirculation with a light massage, eliminate ingrown hair.
    Entirely vegetable and natural, the Biancamore Loofah Sponge is obtained by drying the fruit of a cucurbitaceous native to tropical countries: its fibrous and resistant structure makes it ideal for cleansing the skin with exfoliating skin massages, able to stimulate microcirculation. Loofah is extremely porous: by absorbing water it becomes flexible and elastic, perfect for gently exfoliating without irritating the skin. It is an eco-sustainable, durable and resistant product.
    Not chemically treated.

    Ideal for all skin types, even those particularly sensitive.

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    Dip the Loofa Sponge in water, squeeze it and then add the Biancamore Buffalo Milk Cleanser. Use it on wet skin in combination by performing a light massage from the bottom upwards, cleansing the whole body; rinse with warm water. After use, rinse the Loofa Sponge with warm water and let it dry.

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    Biancamore Natural loofah sponge

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